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I also used a couple of the combinations as a bath oil and a massage oil.

I sweet-talked my husband into giving me several massages (it wasn’t that hard! And I took the advice of a midwife friend, who suggested rolling or massaging the oil mixtures onto the lower abdomen (over the ovaries).

Everything pulls us in the opposite direction – the direction that leads to stress, fatigue and low libido.

Our jobs, families and responsibilities seem to absorb every bit of our energy.

Honestly, at times I’ve wanted to forget about her.

Either way, for a small investment of money and time, I think the results were worth the effort.

I plan to keep experimenting, and if I learn anything new I’ll let you know.

Some companies create blends of oils that are designed to promote sensuality and sexuality in women, using the sensual scents they consider most effective.

For example, one of those blends, my current favorite sensual essential oil blend, contains .

Here’s what I’ve tried so far – I diluted all of these in a carrier oil, either fractionated coconut oil or almond oil.

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