Intimidating phrases

Without that tool, he would not have had control.- R.

Lee Ermey Judges must be free from political intervention or intimidation.- Stockwell Day I had my bully, and it was excruciating.

Neither does the lack of rank.- Norman Ralph Augustine I have never intimidated the masses... - Christine O'Donnell Today we are engaged in a deadly global struggle forthose who would intimidate,torture, and murder people for exercising the most basic freedoms.

I only intimidate corrupt officials.- Zhu Rongji Assassinate me you may; intimidate me you cannot.- John Philpot Curran He took over anger to intimidate subordinates,and in time anger took over him.- Milan Kundera The states are not free, under the guise of protectingmaternal health or potential life,to intimidate women into continuing pregnancies.- Harry A. People still recognize us as, maybe,the best defensive line of all time.- Merlin Olsen I don't try to intimidate anybody before a fight. I intimidate people by hitting them.- Mike Tyson Many African leaders refuse to send their troops onpeace keeping missions abroad because they probablyneed their armies to intimidate their own populations.- Kofi Annan If I'm just in dungarees, I don't think I would intimidate anyone.- Rachel Weisz I don't usually experience that because there are fewpeople who intimidate me,but Woody was one of them.- Treat Williams I have not wanted to intimidate audiences. If we are to win this struggle and spread those freedoms,we must keep our own moral compass pointed in a true direction.- Barack Obama I think we have got the wood on South Africa,but that does not mean they are not a good team.

Not only the bully, but the intimidation I felt.- Robert Cormier The white man's victory soon became complete by fraud,violence, intimidation and murder.- Ida B.

Perhaps you are dealing with a domineering boss or have a classmate who can be a bit of a bully.I'm quite the dork, I'd rather sit home and play Scrabble. - Wentworth Miller I knew that because of who I am, and the situation I'm in,that I'd attract more critics than your average person,and that was a little intimidating, but I wanted toget out there and pay my dues.- Lisa Marie Presley So I still seized the power, but I felt that if I officially made myself the boss,in black and white, it would be too intimidating forthe other producers and the other men who worked on the show.In other words, I had the power, but I gave them the title.- Marlo Thomas Rank does not intimidate hardware.- Bill Watterson There may be something to the suggestion about thepace of technological change intimidating writers,though - it's been awfully hard to keep ahead of real developments.- Stanley Schmidt The real intimidating stuff is the scene where youshow up for the first day.You kind of square off, and that is where you look each other in the eye.- Ron Livingston Well, Tommy Lee Jones is a little bit more intimidating. He's from Texas.- Christina Milian So you don't have to take us too seriously; I mean,we're already intimidating enough on stage.- Ice TI really liked Yale, although it was extremely intimidating.May you find great value in these inspirational Intimidating Quotes from my large datebase of inspiring quotes and sayings.

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