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They did, but she said that it would never do; they couldn't palm off her professional work as theirs. Louie hit the clever idea of their both seeing Miss Daisy Drew, the demonstrator of the gas range department, and soliciting her help. Public attention has been called to Lake Spaulding quite recently by the an- nouncement that our company's engi- neers are again at work on the dam for the purpose of adding fifteen feet to its height, thereby increasing the storage capacity of Lake Spaulding by between 10,000 and 11,000 concrete feet. Prom- inent among the illustrations displayed were views of our company's observation station on Lincoln Highway above Emi- grant Gap, Bear Valley and the Spaulding region from this station, and Lake Spaulding itself with its 260-foot con- crete dam through which the waters of the South Yuba are backed up into a ()S,900-acre-foot reservoir, which is the mainstay of the "Pacific Service" system in that region for both power and irri- gation purposes. featured as One of the Leading Scenic Sierra Nevada the I'iinania-Pucific Expo.sition, at a time when the wonders of California were heing exphjited to a degree never before attempted for the benefit of travelers from all parts of the world.

There were no modern devices in those days to render travel across the continent more a pleas- ure than a penance and when those pio- neers reached the ridge at Emigrant Gap they had to lower their ox teams and wagons down the steep hillside by ropes. Brandt's home and there to invite all these friends, husbands and wives, who had so considerately entertained them. In the dinner details, Louie thought he'd better sit at the head of the table; his ponderous weight would give dignity to the occasion. Tony didn't know why he should sit at the foot of the table when both of them were supposed to be giving the afl'air. The dinner proceeded with Char- lie slamming dishes around in the kitchen while the course of salad was being en- joyed. Louie then discovered his wife's cookbook and assured Tony that it read so simple that by following directions he was sure it could be done all right. He went to the phone and insisted that she come; that he would send one of the guests in a machine after her, which was done. Any time a utility goes from private to public owncrshii) a big taxpayer is wiped off the tax rolls and, if the municipal plant is not held to the payment of these displaced taxes — and it seldom is — then that much more in taxes is loaded on the shoulders of the already overloaded taxpayer. It never pays them except in such cases as Wisconsin, where it is forced to pay them. Our lookout station at Emigrant Gap is a favorite stopping point for tourists.

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