Indiandating exchange 2016 task request not updating

But it is growing in the Far East where it boasts an office in Hong Kong.

The business is currently seeking to attract some ‘heavyweight’ investors to continue development of its online trading platform.

CEO Angus Robertson comments, ‘The billion barrier outlines the pivotal role that energy efficiency can play in delivering a sustainable power supply in the future.It has the funds to do so – its surprisingly helpful bank recently matched a placing pound-for-pound to give the company a handsome war chest.‘In the past six months we’ve been offered almost an acquisition a day,’ says Makeham.Seeking to identify the 50 fastest-growing companies in the UK, the annual Rising Stars ranking is the only such research to consider both profit and turnover growth in its assessment.The Rising Stars have combined sales of £1.4 billion, up 7 per cent on last year’s list, while total profits have reached £287 million, It’s been a busy 12 months for the online dating business formerly known as Easydate.The rapid adoption of smartphones has seen semiconductor business IQE achieve rapid growth during the past year.

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