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ADVANTAGES: realy low rates professional, fast and qualitative development portfolio and real experience experience in offshore web development with European and American companies 5 years experience in e-commerce 5 years commercial web development experience masters degree in economic cybernetics flexible constant internet connection KEY SKILLS: ASP, . SOLUTIONS: web site, e-shop, e-commerce application, shop cart, ordering system, merchant, credit card processing, payment, on-line payment systems, transactions management, auction, on-line service, portal, corporative web site, personal web site, events tracking, employment directory, dating portal, chat, forum, bbs, guest book, counter system, rating system, banner system, club, news system, search system, custom web development, etc...The List helps you get someone similar to you because as it happens, most folks end up describing themselves. Right now, America is smack-dab in the middle of hook-up culture — a nebulous way of getting involved where people start with some level of sexual activity, then fall in love (or not), and only then examine whether they’re compatible. First, as we’ve already seen, we can fall in love with someone wrong for us.And second, hooking up can make it much likelier that women will fall for Mr.But I speak from experience when I say there’s little worse than trying to find him if you don’t know what you’re doing.For many years, I struggled and got my heart broken. Haven’t some other nerds studied the foundation of successful relationships? Love Is All You Need makes for a great song, but not a workable life plan. All over the world, love is literally considered indispensable in a life mate.Vic and I are coming up on our seventh wedding anniversary.

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