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A gothic wooden church dating back to 1763, the “Gibraltar of the North” and an archipelago that continues to rise slowly out of the sea represent just a few of the unique Finnish cultural and natural treasures on the famous Unesco World Heritage list.

Click here to explore this map of Finland’s Unesco heritage sites.

Measurements were taken along the arc from 1816 to 1855.

Finland contains almost 1,000 kilometres of the arc.

But Old Rauma is still a lively part of town, with shops, cosy restaurants, cafés and artists’ ateliers.

The Suomenlinna coastal bastion was founded in 1748 on seven rocky islands adjacent to Helsinki and is considered one of Finland’s cultural treasures.

The church combines central European architecture styles with ancient log building methods.

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Many buildings on the central street were built in the 18th century and decorated in the neo-renaissance style.

The complex of factory buildings, machine rooms, industrial village and workers’ homes creates a unique atmosphere that shows the birth of the Finnish timber industry.

Craft workshops and stalls occupy the former stables in summer.

The stone cairns on a hill called Sammallahdenmäki form a striking insight into ancient religious burial rites and customs.

They are characteristic of the communities that lived in western Finland during the Nordic Bronze Age and early Iron Age (from 1,600 to 50 BC).

The arc consists of a network of 265 geodesic observation points stretching over 2,820 kilometres.

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