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Finished the deed in the same Hotel mentioned above after the first night in Delhi. Thanks to Hot Pussy Eater & Lustking for references.

WIR: No to both the girls, Yes to SP T (Very good guy).

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This one required me being on all fours and her being behind me on the spa table. Google rimming and milking and the wise ones will reach the right images and will know what I mean. With this one all fantasies had been fulfilled by yesterday including mad oily B2 B, standing missionary (my current favorite position), cum on boobs & face & HJ on all fours after an hour long ball teasing session and remember she is a wild cat in bed, very difficult to tame with her pussy contraction skills and pelvic movements. If anyone has tried them, please share how your experiences were and the damages paid (PM is Active). Reached the Hotel near Nehru Park as told by the SP and performed the deed there. He is the former lead singer of local Boston band, the Fates who developed quite a following in the Boston area, where they all went to college.His video, “Miss America” has already gotten nearly 800,000 views on youtube and still going strong. I deleted the picture of the second girl (I'm sure many of you here have seen her, she is the one with the big black mole on her chin). The Hotel is decent and doesn't ask you questions at all if you give your ID. Light Kissing, BBJ, Sucked her Nipples well, WOT, Missy, etc. His father is David Cassidy, the #1 Pop Icon of the 70′s (The Partridge Family); his uncle is Shaun Cassidy, Mega Teen Star of the 70′s (and TV star of “The Hardy Boys”); His grandfather, Jack Cassidy was a world renowned Actor and performer; his step grandmother, Shirley Jones is a singer/actress; and his mother, Sue Shifrin Cassidy, is a former songwriter and recording artist.

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