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It is suggested that the Vikings settled in the area and that local place names such as Sker, and Kenfig itself, are of Viking origin.By the 11th century a new power had emerged in Europe: descendants of the Vikings, the Normans invaded Britain and led by Robert Fitzhamon they took control of Kenfig, c1100 A. A castle was built, initially of wood, to help suppress any local opposition and that was followed by a church, dedicated to St James.Discovered in 2007 below the high tide mark, between Gwely'r Misgl and Sker Point, the dating of footprints at kenfig are estimated between the beginning of the 1st century BC to the beginning of the 2nd century AD.

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Kenfig and its surrounding area is steeped in history from prehistoric times through to having strong Roman and Viking influences on a more modern historical timescale.

The surrounding neighbourhoods of Kenfig grew up from the incursion of sand that eventually engulfed the city of Kenfig.

A town was established, made up of Norman and English settlers, and a system akin to apartheid was set in place.

Needless to say, the indigenous people, who were largely excluded from the town, took exception to this imposition and the town was raided on the 13th January 1167.

The Bodvoc Stone, a tribute to the Silurian leader, now stands in the Margam stones museum.

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