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Finally he settled in a small house in Santhome, Madras, and died in 1656. De Nobili is supposed to have written some 15 books apart from preparing a Portuguese-Tamil dictionary. How could the biography of a Christian saint help the growth of Tamil? Pope, has not recorded that story in any of his works. As he didn’t get the of Bhagwan Shiva, he feels let down and unable to bear this parting, with mounting sorrow and emotion sings a hymn earnestly praying for Bhagwan’s appearance.” Explaining the above context, G. Pope infers, “The serene and beautiful environment prevailing in Uttarakosamangai Temple was too ‘testing’ for Maanickavaachakar to continue his sanyas.

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So the colonial education programme was started and at the forefront of this were educationists who were also christian missionaries who applied the art of inculturation.Missionaries and their Mission After landing in Tamil Nadu, the padris understood the need to learn the local language to converse with the populace for effective evangelization.They soon realized that the local populace, rooted in a centuries-old civilization, was culturally and religiously strong; hence they focused on Tamil literature to understand the cultural heritage and religious traditions, so they could devise different strategies for conversion.The Portuguese, Dutch, French, German and British establishments landed in places such as Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal and the North-East, etc., in the guise of trade and missions, and started encroaching fast and armed invasions followed suit.The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa was a bloody and terrible chapter in Indian history and the British oppression started with the advent of East India Company.For example Easter and Christmas are really old pagan festivals but now Christianized .

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