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Raising an eyebrow, he followed your fumbling self, making sure not to lose you.The voice in the back of his mind was telling him to keep track of you or he might never see you ever again. If there was a building he had to go into for his job, he would not hesitate to take the stairs.

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Well, okay, they weren't really "jabs at him" as they were really just bad executions of help.

He noticed you held a letter close to your chest, almost like your life depended on it. But something compelled him to keep an eye on you- almost as if he was curious as to who that letter was for.

Whoever they were, they surely had great impact on you considering how restless you were whilst walking in the hall.

He preferred not to get involved with anyone who he didn't have to interact with in the first place.

But your fidgeting form caught his eye in the bustling hall. You weren't in his class, and he never had seen you before that moment.

Oh how he wished Koushi had taken his very last delivery.

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