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Our quarry comes in many shapes and sizes but they are all perfectly beautiful ‘prizes’.It’s a privilege to be able to observe and catch these masterpieces of nature. Their grace and elegance, as well as the joy they bring, demand that they should always be treated with the upmost respect.Carp fishing takes you ‘back to basics’ and the stress of modern day-to-day living is replaced by an undisturbed peace.We’ve all been there: one minute you’re stressing about this or that but the instant you take the kit out of your car and head to your chosen peg your mind becomes totally one-track (maybe two-track if you know what I mean!When we’re out on the bank we experience nature at its best and most pure.Those magical sunsets or the first few precious hours where night ebbs away and is replaced by the sun illuminating the sky – these are sights we are privileged to behold.A less fancy way to express this is there’s no bloody work and no-one to peck your head! A wise old carper said to me when I was starting out that “you never regret a second spent fishing but you regret every second you could have fished but didn’t” and, in my opinion, there was never a truer statement made.I could go on and on but I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing!

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From the iconic image of a kingfisher sitting on your rods to the first lambs of spring and the first snowdrops or bluebells, angling gives you the time to appreciate nature and escape from the sterile urban concrete madness, for a few hours at least.

That feeling of finally landing the fish you’ve spent years chasing, driven hundreds of miles for, and spent hundreds of hours obsessing about.

The sense of accomplishment and achievement can be enough to bring even the most hardened of anglers to tears.

Nicknames and jokes are never far away so never take yourself or angling too seriously and, above all else, enjoy it.

Work, family, and finance are three big modern-day stresses.

This is that heart-stopping moment where the peace, tranquillity, and silence are broken and you become connected with something wild and raw, even if you almost wet yourself with excitement!

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