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There were a few centralized Elders/BNFs and they and their friends created the communities, hosted the challenges, and established the rules.

And then suddenly, the number of people in the fandom had ballooned dramatically.

(What do you do when an RPS subject replies to fic (directly, on LJ, logged into their own account) with "dialogue rings true"? ) And all of these things, these young-fandom-characteristics, influence the fic in tiny imperceptible ways that you get used to without knowing what you're getting used to.

The other thing is that there really wasn't centralization in the form of bandom BNFs.

Initially there was, but when bandom grew so quickly almost overnight, a lot of the early fic writers stepped back/away for various reasons.

So there was a massive influx of people into a fandom that isn't just splintered by pairings, the way others are, but by bands. In the beginning, when it was a (relatively) small group of people in the fandom, there were set rules and standards that were similar to other online fandoms.

For other definitions, see Bandom (disambiguation). Bandom is the name given to a Real People Fiction fandom featuring a large but specific group of American bands, many of whom became popular in the mid 2000s.

Scroll down and check out her short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.

Other fans contested the idea that more BNFs would have resulted in less wank, but one thing these meta discussions show is that Bandom was thought of as a single coherent fandom, which was not true before damnyouwentz.

(If anything, thinking of itself as one fandom may have been a major source of Bandom's problems.

See this flowchart of Bandom interconnections, created by wistfuljane as part of the comprehensive Subset Bandom Connection primer: Many of the band members have been in bands prior to their current ones and those bands are rather notable within Bandom, including Pencey Prep, Midtown, and 504Plan.

Fueled By Ramen (FBR) is a record label, founded by John Janick and Vinnie Fiorello (drummer of Less Than Jake) in 1996 and based out of Florida, to which Fall Out Boy is signed; FBR is sometimes referred as Fall Out Boy's indie label as they are also under contract with Island Records.

Here you can post stories about bands that are not written a lot about or cross overs from different bands." In the first month, fans posted a Fall Out Boy fic, a My Chemical Romance/The Used crossover, a Mest/The Used crossover, and a story about Geoff Rickly of Thursday, along with various other bands that were popular at the time.

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