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To achieve this, we first need to understand the details of how the wires grow," emphasises co-author Ludwig Feigl from KIT.

To observe the growth as it takes place, Schroth's group installed a mobile experimental chamber, specially developed by KIT for X-ray experiments and partially funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), in the brilliant X-ray beam of DESY's synchrotron radiation source PETRA III at experimental station P09.

In this process, the gallium droplets act as catalysts for the longitudinal growth of the wires.

"Although this process is already quite well established, it has not been possible until now to specifically control the crystal structure of the nanowires produced by it.

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This additional contribution can be determined by comparing the X-ray measurements taken early on during the growth of the wire, with the electron microscope measurement after growth has ended.

Schematic of the experiment: Fueled by a stream of gallium atoms and arsenic molecules, nanowires grow beneath gallium droplets on a silicon wafer.

Beams of gallium atoms and arsenic molecules are then directed at the wafer, where they are adsorpted and dissolve in the gallium droplets.

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