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Instead of the three guy’s to my left getting out of the booth, they slid me over their laps, handing me down the line. Two of the guys were lifting me more by my behind than by my waist and I had to wonder if they were just trying to cop-a-feel. I had to admit it kinda felt good being man handled by strong, young strangers, but I was going to have to make sure we were out of there in time for dinner reservations.When I got back to the table, I decided to try the other side of the table and see if they were more gentlemanly.After a while some of the conversation and questions got a little personal.Just as my husband got back with his third trip from the bar (it took three trips for him to bring all the drinks), one of they guys asked me if I had any tattoos.While he was gone all the attention at the table was on me.

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To make matters worse they invited us out for a drink and Vic obviously wanted to go along.

I was waiting in the lobby at my husband’s office when he and his coworkers arrived all at once.

A couple of the guys whistled when they saw me…all of them were staring.

On the contrary, the guy at the end seat immediately grabbed my by the waist and passed me down the line again.

This time they were overt about touching my ass and each guy tugged the hem of my dress a little higher until I was sat in my place with the hem of my dress bunched up around my waist.

So I told them “OK…but just for one drink.”We walked over to this little bar a couple of blocks away.

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