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usp=sharing The following online presentations were made in the course of conducting the Electronic Village Online EVO Minecraft MOOC January 8 through Feb 12, 2017 Nov 28, 2016 - Vance Stevens joined Nellie Deutsch, Nives Torresi, and Tom Hodgers at the Moodle MOOC 9th online conferene for a panel on Badges: Choices and Options 7, 2016 - Vance Stevens gave a presentation at the online Moodle Moot Virtual Conference for 2016 entitled "Abundance in TPD: More than meets the eye" 24, 2016 Vance presented "Minecraft and the gamification of teacher and student learning" at the SLMOOC16 annual online conference, which served as Learning2gether Episode 330, Apr 17, 2016 Mircea Patrascu, Rose Bard, and Vance Stevens addressed online one of the IATEFL YLT SIG Bi-Monthly Webinars to discuss EVO Minecraft MOOC, Learning2gether Episode 329, 10, 2016 Learning2gether Episode 328 met online with Jack Watson, Jennifer Meyer, and Robert Wachman to follow up on lessons learned from webcasting at TESOL 2016 21, 2016, "How effective is gamification for learners?" Question answered online by Vance Stevens For EFLtalks Answers 10x10 Sunday; Learning2gether Episode #319; Slides, Feb 3, 2016 - Vance Stevens presented on "Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development" online to the Techno-CLIL EVO (Electronic Village Online) session.Author: Vance’s career includes CALL coordinator, software developer, lecturer in ESL and computing, founder of Webheads as well as CALL-IS in TESOL, and facilitator in TESOL's online professional development programs. One recent innovation was to set evaluation of the course by means of e-portfolios.On the boards of APACALL, TESL-EJ, CALL Journal, and Writing & Pedagogy, he encourages people to have F. I have started referring to them as "Me-Porfolios" to draw attention to their constructivist/connectivist nature.The slides are here: On March 13 and 14 I gave two seminars in Erzincan, Turkey.The one on March 13 was given to around 50 Erzincan University Civil Aviation students and was prepared and delivered via a wiki forming a part of a DIYLMS (do-it-yourself learning management system) based at

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I generally upload my slides for my presentations to so there you get recent topics and an outline of the substance as well.The presentation describes the multiliteracies course and how it has recently evolved a MOOC approach with berry-bush supermarket presentation rather than prescribed guidance through course components.MOOC stands for "massivie open online course" but I have suggested scaling the concept where "massive" becomes "miniscule".This talk is couched it in the perspective of how teachers achieve the aha!Moment, where they 'get' how technology can become a critical enabler of what they ordinarily try to do pedagogically in their classrooms. moment by illustrating how a PLN works to enhance such learning by getting people from other virtual spaces to join us in real time, live and online. : as part of TESOL's Principles and Practices of Teaching Online Certificate Program: Course details are continually undergoing revision at presentation (online via Wi Zi Q) "Me-Portfolios: Putting the 'me' in Me-Learning" for the Moodle Moot Virtual Conference 2011 from August 17-21 is in the program at Aug 21, 2011 at Vance Stevens has been teaching a course on multiliteracies and revising it for a number of iterations over the past several years now (March 23, 2013 - Claire Siskin and I did a presentation on Multi MOOC TESOL in Dallas for the Electronic Village Classics Fair, Fair Classics.

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