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One thing most people know (or think they know) about the Phoenix area is that it’s very, very hot for much of the year. I’ll talk plenty about climate and hot weather safety (especially in the desert wilderness) in the Logistical Considerations section below.For now, I’ll say this: I visited the Valley during the hottest part of the year (summer) and I was fine.Rimmed by multi-hued mountains on all sides and happy to live up to its name for eight or nine months out of the year, the Valley is an enchanting place – even when its endless suburban sprawl and persistent brown-and-tan hues ring eerie for visitors accustomed to greener, more densely populated cities.

Visit Phoenix is the Valley’s largest official tourism booster.Some of that epoch’s most important signifiers – such as ancient pueblos and cliff dwellings – are found in remote sections of Arizona and New Mexico, hours by car from Phoenix, and aren’t exhaustively treated here.If you’re interested in the Southwest’s indigenous prehistory, I’d recommend setting aside several days for a driving tour through the mountain ranges north and east of Phoenix.It’s a must-check before any visit to the region, even if you’re not planning to stay within Phoenix’s city limits.One of Visit Phoenix’s most useful features is the Trip Ideas portal, which arranges four-day itineraries around popular themes: Iconic Southwest, Outdoor Adventure, Day Trips, and so on.Do keep in mind that Visit Phoenix advocates for its partners’ interests, so it’s not a completely neutral or thorough clearinghouse for Valley tourists.

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