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A mass grave of fossils was then found in 1947 by George Whitaker at the Ghost Ranch, which is close to the original site of discovery.The fossils found at this site, were composed of many well-preserved fossils.A good explanation for so many fossils at a particular site suggests the death of a pack, due to flash floods or any such natural calamity.The Coelophysis is the logo of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.That evening, back at base camp in Tayma, the researchers dug out an encyclopedia and confirmed the finger bone belonged to a member of a The Levant historically refers to countries along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean sea, including modern-day Israel, where a number of important ancient discoveries have been made.Earlier this year, for example, scientists estimated that a Study author Huw Groucutt from the University of Oxford described the Levant as the “doorstep to Africa,” directly adjacent to the continent, in a press conference.While the jaw was a remarkable discovery, the Saudi Arabian finger may tell us even more about our ancestors’ paths around the world.

Not densely populated like New York or London, Groucutt and Petraglia explained, but home to multiple bands of mobile hunter-gatherers.

In this case, the team performed uranium series dating, which uses lasers to estimate the age of fossils.

Sediment and animal fossil dating all agreed on timing.

Michael Petraglia, another study author, described the discovery as “a dream come true” in the press conference.

This ancient finger could be the strongest fossil evidence yet that humans left Africa much earlier than the traditional textbook “Out of Africa” theory suggests.

Evidence suggests that these dinosaurs lived during the Late Triassic period in the continent of Northern America.

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