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But even these massive numbers are paltry when you consider what fans might've spent if they had purchased a full album.

In order for the rights holders of an album to earn (the cost of most digital downloads) from Spotify, an individual user would need to stream the tracks on it 1,190 times.

Unless this model changes, or labels take a smaller cut of the profits, the numbers will remain minuscule for smaller artists.

But Year in Music makes that talking point clear on a personal level.

I recently started making actions because fellow photographers kept asking me whose actions I used.

Your most-streamed artist might remind you of those weird couple of months you spent staring at the ceiling listening to Kate Bush.stop by the blog to enter here: on your favorite blog/forum/public place.leave me a link showing me where b) tweet about this giveaway c) purchase an item from a vendor below. You may pay shipping on certain items at the discretion of the vendor. Giveaway winners will be notified on this blog on the 16th of September.And in my small sample size of Verge staffers, most capped out at a few hundred streams per artist.Much has already been said about how little Spotify pays artists and how unsustainable the current streaming model is for artists.Your most-streamed track might make you reconsider your choice to put that Rae Sremmurd song on every playlist.

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