Drupal views rss feed not updating


I noticed in the image above that you weren't using "Filter Criteria". hi steve, so i created a new VIEW (and BLOCK) for Fr. Also - the i think i'm having problems with the set-up of the feed view because it's showing a jumble of dates rather than ascending by publish date like i have it set.

Inside Views, can click the "Add" button and choose Feed? HOWEVER, i have one weird occurrence on the Feed on the new site. matt's blog" that just leads to the feed information and is not display the 5 actual blogs that I imported. (please see attached screen shot) Great, glad that helped. matt's blog", is that a piece of content anywhere on your site? I checked the RSS feed from the one site and it seems to be working fine.

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I found the best method is to simply clone the default and customize it but you may need to 'enable' it first. with your help, i figured out my issue with Step 1 and was able to finish everything i needed. I'm a designer / developer currently working in Manchester and I'm also a keen musician.However there's still a final step to put it all together.It's time to edit the Taxonomy you want to customize. You can now select the View and display you customized from the cloned view as mentioned above.- Updated vendor libraries: * Updated to j Query 2.2.3. - Raised stability levels of experimental modules: * Updated the Big Pipe module from alpha to beta.

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