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That didn't work so then when he told me after Christmas he would come and visit me but he wasn't in the state and that was the bye bye. One of his victims is Judy Beal Pretends to be an Oil Rig Engineer and the last location was off the coast of Nigeria.

I showed him a copy of his ip trace.said I would die - be killed. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him. Called yesterday asking for money again but didn't get it from me, lol Be careful, this man comes across as being very sincere, very romantic, and would take your last dime!

"I think their profile is more important than ever in Ireland." The results from the exit polls "didn't surprise" the archbishop, who said he is aware there are now three distinct groups in Ireland's society.

"We are well aware week to week by looking at our congregation [what is happening in Ireland].

Dr Diarmuid Martin told mass-goers this morning that many will see yesterday's vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment as an indication that the Church is now widely regarded with indifference and as having a marginal role in the formation of culture in Ireland.

He also said he Church may be seen as "lacking in compassion".

"There are three groups; the committed minority, the remnants of people who are deeply committed to the teachings; a large group of people we see from the Census who are nominally and culturally Catholic and self identify as Catholic and retain an affiliation with the Church is some ways but have drifted away from regularly practicing their faith.

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I have about 5 scammers I am playing words with friends. I have no picture on my profile so i am sending you couple of recent pictures too just so you know what i look like. Oil Rig engineer off the coast of California with 60 employees. If you keep on with him it will not stop believe me I have been there. Take care and God Bless Andy Kay's facebuck profile was suddenly changed overnight with the old chronicle into Steve Paul's profile. He has asked me to help with a hotel bill, money to ship his tools back to British Columbia, help with an airline ticket, and also help with being discharged from a hospital, where he was for several days. This man has conned me out of several thousand dollars which I will not ever see again. Hello ladies, I also met a oil rig guy from facebook, and he talked so much about romance and said fall in love with me. He had a picture of him in the bathroom with a towel on and sunburned I could see a ring mark on the finger and asked about it."The church is now a new space and we've been there for some time," he continued."Pope Francis said way back in 1979 that Ireland is at a crossroads.Now, the surge in young voters for the 2018 referendum makes its way into the top three in Ireland's constitutional history with a turn-out of 64.5pc.Wicklow had the highest turn-out for a constituency with a 74.5pc turn-out.The highest-ever turnout in Irish history was the 1972 question on joining the EEC (European Economic Community) when a total of 70.88 per cent of the electorate cast their ballot.

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