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Long-distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. You need reassurance that your strong feelings of love and admiration are reciprocated. With the advent of planes, trains and automobiles—and now in recent history, the Internet—the notions of how men and women meet is changing, too.

Sure, the beginnings of love feel like hearts and giggles and imaginings of what’s to come, but what about the lagging times in the middle when you’re physically apart, and love and admiration start to wage a private war against life-sized fears and doubt? Because the Net gives you an opportunity to get to know highly compatible and attractive people outside of your locale, geographical boundaries are melting away and more long-distance relationships are forming.

This includes what you both are looking for in a relationship and are willing to bring to the table, and what your expectations are of each other.

Don’t worry about “spoiling” the mood—when you establish a level playing field, you put yourself in the best position to establish the kind of mutual trust that will help you determine whether your relationship with this person should continue—or end—for all the right reasons.

Additionally, long-distance relationships offer one advantage over local ones: they pose a chance to build a relationship more slowly.

Communicate Your Expectations Make sure you’re on the same page with your partner by communicating your expectations about the relationship and by fully understanding theirs.

This kind of separation anxiety can also come with local relationships, too.

Extensive travel for work has the same impact on couples’ lives as a long-distance relationship, and military couples are no strangers to frequent and extended times apart.

The rules of long-distance relationships are like those of local relationships, except insecurities are magnified.

The most important step you can make when feeling frustrated by the miles that lay between you and your partner is to make a conscious effort to not put your life on hold—do the things that you like to do and pursue interests that you’ve always wanted to develop.

A happy, healthy person is one with a supportive social network.

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