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I'm just saying that if you reacted in haste and are truly sorry......that is very cool of you to come in here and say that. Well that makes me…I’m adding…………………………….still adding………………………………HOLY CRAP………that is REALLY FRICKIN DESIRABLE……………HEY LADIES of POF…don’t ya’ll feel sexier by just being HERE?? Lemmee get this straight, according to Princess Mary if a guy doesn't like certain aspects of a woman he is misogyistic (lol .us regular people that means 'hates women') and when I conveyed my desire to do you ..that is gross.

Thanks for the heads up and sharing, you should have kept that lil secret to yourself cuz now We’re all gonna be really arrogant! when he made the statement he sounded bitter and misogynistic. there was no indication at all when he made the first post that he was joking . In my world its a compliment when a guy offers to pry apart those arthritic limbs to let the cobwebs out..Ok honestly now Mary .you just pretending or are you really taking yourself seriously?

Quasi was one helluva man heck, I'd do him.that Barbie can be a real b1tch, she stole my Skippers clothes and shoes all the time and KNEW she couldn't fit that sh1t!

dating shellibean-66dating shellibean-46 some wise apple suggests that I contact him I can tell you that two males don't do well talking about emotional kind of female? for your info yes he contacted me and seems he was being sarcastic and it didnt seem so in here . if bolariphon truly had that type of views on women, which i now know he doesnt ,then yes he would end up alone. if i dont like someone on a forum then why would i want to message someone . So for the men out there that think we are trying to play hard to get, "get over yourselves, you don't deserve us anyway." NOT WORTHY?? I guess I don’t think in terms of worthy or not worthy…different places…were you just really angry when you typed that.this is Diva budding out of your business now........smoooooootchesno sheridan you said when i wrote tar and featherd you got hard. i REALLY dont want to know anything about your wiener. Badbadgirl, first off thanks for the profile review. It's much easier than going back and forth with e-mails. It's not a marriage proposal or asking for any kind of personal information like a phone number (as some guys would do).I've been meaning to post that but was banned from posting in the forums for the last 5 days and just got back my supapowers now! But you'd be suprised how many guys (myself included) send out messages only to get READ/DELETED, or just READ but no response from many people out there. If you don't have it, that's fine too, we can just chat on here. You may say "well it's not too in-depth" but alot of people don't care for novel length e-mails right off the bat.So for now, it’s all negative and nasty….the way you like it!Ladies,……..he’s a very bad man, stay away from him, I’ll handle it……….don’t try this at home!!! There are times when justice would say we hang a person but then sometimes we allow mercy to step in and take over....... WHATEVER THE ISSUE I haven’t gone back to read fully EVERY post on it but no matter what Bolariphon said or did.........That's as many weeks of dating as number of times Britney Spears has gone to rehab.

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