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If you would like additional information about your confidentiality, ask any Woodhaven staff or associate or ask your counselor specifically.

There are ways that information about you, your case, and any progress you make can be made available to others if you wish, for example, your doctor.

In the process, the children acquire the self-esteem and strength to enjoy the challenges that lie ahead.

A: When parents separate there may be considerable advantage in formally agreeing how they will deal with the children.

Overall, there are many other ways we at Woodhaven are very careful with any information about you, your identity, and the identity of family and others that might become known to your counselor.

In case you know about HIPAA (the federal government’s laws about confidentiality), you might understand that Woodhaven counselors and staff are HIPAA compliant, and even exceed the minimums of confidentiality set forth in HIPAA.

Typically a parenting plan would include a contact schedule, the agreed positions in respect of contentious issues (i.e.

Any of Woodhaven’s staff can help you make sure that your privacy remains protected, just tell us of your concerns.

Confidentiality is one of the “backbones” of what makes successful counseling possible.

Most couples face their most serious challenges during the first five years of marriage.

The top ten problem areas researchers have identified are: Studies show that children of stepfamilies face a higher risk of emotional and behavioral problems.

Release of Information (Please complete this form if you would like your provider to be able to coordinate care or receive records from another provider) At Woodhaven Counseling Associates there are several things we believe that you deserve as our client.

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