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Research done by Dr Hayley Wright from Coventry University confirms that sex remains as appealing and important to us across a lifetime, just as the idea older people doing it seems nasty and repugnant to those who think they will stay young forever. Designed like a game, the players only have to upload some photos and write an optional sentence about themselves.This is why what is sexy must shift to include the older demographic. Then they can swipe left or right on profiles, left for “I feel sorry for you” or right which means, “How fast can you get here?They then give up and have a few pints with their mates. I did try to date age appropriately but older men were careful, cautious, as if they’d been bitten too many times before. Stop saying that you went to the University of Life: Everyone has.One bio I remember read: “Not interested in ONS.” He was 65 and not a sleek, fit, smart 65 either.A responsibility like children will restrict spontaneity and you won’t always be the priority in her life.

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My friends made jokes about the age gaps until I said: “Hey, I’m swiping right on your son tonight, but don’t worry, we won’t marry.” Despite being of higher mileage, I was often accused of being a catfish — that is, someone whose photos were too good to be real. I matched once with an army veteran who had two prosthetic limbs: I didn’t notice until a friend pointed them out. For those who find themselves back on the market, apps can be a real alternative to waiting for some toothless male to talk to you at a pub.

At first I wrote: “Your mum told me to swipe right.” The millennials got the joke.

I was aware that I was chatting with someone who, in another possible world, could have been my son. We all have a fixed idea about what kind of person we’d like to meet, but beyond that, I treated the apps as a social experiment in the wide variety of people dating in the UK.

Relationships that cross generations are no longer a social taboo and couples with substantial age differences are springing up all over the place.

But what can a younger man expect if they do find love with an older woman?

He’d be lucky to get a one-night stand with his own species.

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