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And wouldn't you be more cautious about agreeing to tie the knot again?Even though studies show slightly different rates, one thing's for sure—giving marriage another go definitely ups the chances of divorce.

It's easy to fall for this when you constantly see headlines about your favorite once-married couple engaged in a "multi-million dollar divorce." Thankfully, those costly cases aren't the norm.

If the divorce isn't likely to go as smoothly, she and Raso suggest mediation as a more affordable route.

"Conflict resolution is less expensive than conflict escalation," says Raso.

Myth #2: Living together before marriage lowers the chance of divorce.

This fable's popularity may be connected to the fact that it makes sense.

Tessina, Ph D, author of If cohabitation occurs out of necessity (say, your partner lost his job and can't afford to live on his own), the experience doesn't benefit the relationship.

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