Dating girls with thongs in ny


Yet there are other, more unexpected reasons why men like it when women wax, according to conversations with dozens of guys.Unlike Amanda's date, they aren't necessarily grossed out by a thatch of hair.Take heart: A sizable minority of men find hair removal unnecessary, or even unnerving.

Even the Brazilian, which generally entails the removal of all hair front, back and in-between (unless a small "landing strip" is left) has become a standard on spa and salon menus, right up there with mani-pedis.

Nor do men want us to act out some super-shorn porn-tacular fantasy (well, not the time) or pubescent Hannah Montana creep show.

As it turns out, a lot of men see grooming down there as an intimate little treat—they don't just think you've waxed, they think you've waxed .

Of the 100 men said they already do it, which explains the "manzilians" some salons now offer.

Perhaps Diddy, who's admitted to shaving his man parts, best summed it up when he said, "If men require women to go through the pain, we should return the favor."It's all part of today's cult of perfection, this inclination to pluck, prune and preen every inch of yourself.

We paid a visit to the affable defense attorney Mike Whalen and found out why he only wears Birkenstocks, even in the highest courts.

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