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The Human Services CIO reports directly to the department’s secretary and has a team of more than 3000 people.

“This position provides unique scope for strategic leadership and innovation,” the department says.

Simply fill out the details, pay the fee, choose whether you wish to add on the Condition Report - and off you go! The RELM (Real Estate Local Market) is a publication of the Real Estate Institute of Northern Territory (REINT) produced quarterly to provide you with up-to-date statistical and market information on the real estate market in the Northern Territory.

RELM covers property sales, unit & townhouse sales, sale of vacant land and rental prices across all markets in the Territory.

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“Data collection, governance, analysis and use is so critical; however they are typically viewed in a piecemeal fashion.Recent additions include Rural house and lands sales and suburb by suburb comparisons.You'll get the latest prices, historical indicators against current market trends, information on market movements and details on quarterly and annual changes in the market. REINT holds courses right throughout the year in various aspects of compliance, sales, marketing and more.As a member you have access to courses and updates when they become available.Click here to see our Careers page for more information.Prior to joining the department Sterrenberg was CIO at ANZ.

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