Dating dark city tv


M41, the Craftworld Eldar collapsed several Webway portals leading to Commorragh, isolating it from much of the rest of the Webway.

Given the mutable nature of the Webway, however, the Dark Eldar can still use artificial Webway portals which are a part of their technological base to create temporary tunnels through the Warp to reach realspace.

Instead they maintain that they act only upon their own desires.

Some have even managed to convince themselves of this.

The Eldar mastered the original Webway network, though it has changed greatly in the long millennia since the end of the Eldar empire, reshaped by the disaster that claimed so many Eldar souls.

Moving between the dimensions is an activity that is always fraught with danger, but such is the skill and technological powess of the surviving Eldar that they still choose to do so without hesitation.

This happening on many of the series not just this one!

"The scions of the Dark City would never admit that the unceasing hunger at their core is what drives them to such heights of cruelty.

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