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If any plug-ins are incorrectly loaded or missing, add them again at their new locations. When you’re finished with the other machine, go to Help menu Note that these instructions are for a one-way move, for example, moving from an old computer to a new one, or reinstalling your operating system.If you want to work on multiple computers, for example, transferring between a desktop and a laptop, check back for future blog posts.Relocate any other top level folders (you should have one for each drive), until all of the photos are online.There are more details on reconnecting missing files here.To do so, select all of the photos in Grid view and press Ctrl-S (Windows) / Cmd-S (Mac).

If your license is an upgrade version, you may need the serial number from an earlier version as well as the current Lightroom serial number.Moving Lightroom to a new computer can appear daunting at first, especially if you’re moving cross-platform, but rest assured, it’s straightforward as long as you follow these simple steps. Preparation – set up your folder hierarchy It’s a good idea to make sure that Lightroom’s Folders panel shows a tidy hierarchy before you back up the catalog.You may need relink the files if the relative folder location, or the drive letter for an external drive, changes as a result of the move.This pub should be renowned for its good food, ‘country comfort’ accommodation and old-fashioned hospitality – and the incoming publican will be keen to work alongside the improvements Punch plans to make to deliver an outstanding customer experience.Dating from the 15th century and with a wealth of historic character, this unique pub offers immense visual appeal throughout. Although there’s no beer garden, there is a clear opportunity to take advantage of the pub’s south-westerly aspect by placing seating to the front; dog kennelling for guests could also be an option as there is space to add these.If you’re going to use your external drives with a different operating system, you may need to reformat them at some stage, after having copied the data off safely to another drive, of course.

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