Dating anniversary ideas for her

My dress will be a strapless bridesmaids dress from J Crew in gray. My husband I Iwill be celebrating our 25th in August.We have 4 kids, all of which are college and under so they will not be in a position to put on our party.To make it, I took a few branches from a limb my husband cut, attached them together with Elmer's and hot glue, then wrapped the bottom with white ribbon. These were attached to silver covered card stock, and then hung from the white ribbons.

You can put up a table with their wedding pictures, and a list of things from that year-such as popular girl and boys names, the #1 song the week they got married...... Perhaps you can do a trivia game with the questions about things that happened 25 years ago.

The Anniversary Parties I have attended have all been "come and go" parties, where guests drop in between certain hours, as stated on the invitations, and stay for as long as they want, partaking of a buffet of foods and beverages.

The foods are usually fancy sandwiches, salads, cheeses, pickles, and dainties.

The beverages are usually non-alcoholic punches, coffee, and tea. I need ideas with finding a silver wedding gown, finding an inexpensive reception hall.

The best parties have lots of photos of the Anniversary couple and their children, starting with the couple's wedding photos, and continuing throughout the years. Anybody who is planning or just had a 25th renewal? By Sharon from Goose Creek, SCBut if silver is what you really want; here is a cool link. go&gs_rfai=You can perhaps get some wonderful friend to make a dress for you, out of silver, or get a nice black dress and embellish with silver here and there.

We are planning our 25th anniversary party for the end of October.

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