Dating and its just lunch


With years of training and experience, It’s Just Lunch’s matchmaking team is well-versed in ferreting out every detail, identifying exactly what their clients want and need in a partner.

Once they have a good idea of who you are, they set about finding great matches.

Kara continues to live her non-stop life — complete with an empty dance card and a full Netflix queue.

No doubt, men and women across the country will sit down next weekend to watch the Super Bowl together.

For many, it might be the only time of year they enjoy a sporting event together.

It’s Just Lunch, a leading online dating service in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, provides professional and personalized matchmaking service to well educated adults all over the world. You can simply call It’s Just Lunch to schedule for an interview with a matchmaker.

Alternatively, you can leave your basic information at its website and one of its dating specialists will contact you. It’s Just Lunch will choose and let you know the best matches for you based on your profile and preferences.

“Our clients are not just clicking through profiles,” explains Melissa Brown, the CEO of It’s Just Lunch.

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