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One such was the decision to ban letting agents from charging tenants fees. But landlords have as much right to be angry as tenants over letting agency fees and it is easy for them to fight back.

....One can only feel huge admiration for fanatical skier Gareth Williams and two friends who met at Manchester University and went on to build Skyscanner, one of Britain's few unicorns.

From next April, it is planning simply to deny business owners the right to appeal against their rates bill even if it is incorrect by up to 15 per cent, the intention being to cut costs and speed up the system.

....Figures suggest this year's borrowing will come in at £8bn or so above target.

....For much of 2016 policymakers, including the Prime Minister Theresa May, fretted about low and negative interest rates and subdued bond returns suggesting deflation and slump.

But in the few days since Trumponomics arrived on the scene yields - interest rate returns - on American, UK German and Japanese debt have zipped up from record lows.

And Facebook may be booming but it is having to eat humble pie over its propagation of 'false' news and has admitted the marketing data it provides advertisers has been miscalculated.Hammond's flexibility also has been diminished by a slowdown in asset sales, partly caused by the Deutsche Bank crisis which hit share prices of Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland.Slower growth affects government borrowing in two ways.European politicians and officials are fond of saying that Britain cannot have a 'pick and choose' Brexit.But if that option was open, then one of few sweeties to be plopped into the paper bag would be the EU's competition chief Margrethe Vestager.The former Danish politician and her anti-trust enforcers dare to tread where no one else will, by taking on Silicon Valley giants.

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