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The only issue is my parents are scared to death that at the end of all my training I will be assigned some position that may put me on the front lines on the ground. Hey guys, I just signed up for the AFROTC classes at my school.I am a little late to the program and have some making up to do. From what I have seen, it looks hard but well worth it. In the fall, I will be starting AFROTC as an AS100.To accomplish this task, we will require a few original documents and other information you may not otherwise be able to readily recall; to speed this process along, bring these items with you to your initial visit.So you are aware, we will make copies for our records and return the originals to you immediately.

This community is a great resource for all of those interested or are already in AFROTC.During this time, we will ask for your personal information and provide you with a few briefings.We will then use this information to evaluate you for general membership eligibility and establish you as an active cadet.The information I have been given from the detachment at my school says field training is 2 weeks (1 week expeditionary skills training and 1 week deployment training), but everything I see online says a month. The program at my school is offering a sort-of “crash course” for soon to be AS250’s to catch up with returning cadets, but AS100’s are welcome to attend as well. It is a significant time commitment in a week designed to experience all that my school offers while meeting new people, and honestly I do not really want to do it.However I understand that it possibly would be beneficial in that I would show my commitment to the commanders, etc. Hello, I am currently becoming a senior (male) at a catholic high school.Would I just have to include that info on my SF-86 form then? I’m entering my last semester as a sophomore and spoke with my cadre about coming back.

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