Dating a rastafarian man


So to have fun while here, we easily link up with them, Nina says.

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And if you carefully observe, you would almost think it is a love with no chance of faltering. First on the block was artiste Jose Chameleone and Dorotia.And it is not surprising that shortly after, they break-up to concentrate on a love bound by blood, hence nullifying the literal clichs of brotherhood and oneness.In fact this is why most of the reasons these couples give are devoid of the lifetime spark. I talk too much, love fir musician, singer, writer, artist, vegetarian, free thinker. Not super fond of web hookups but have found myself mad bored lately and am at the nothing to lose stage so im rollin the dice.Often, they are either high on booze or an amalgam of sorts, in their jargon known as ganja or weed -not the literal weed.

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