Dating a greek men hervey bay dating


I would have to say there is a difference in dating a greek man as opposed to dating a non-greek man.Someone who is greek along with you will understand the commitments and responsibilities of being greek.

I still luv ya'll though, so maybe I just don't know the right greeks, but I try not to date greeks One and Much Love to All To me I wouldn't say they are all immature I have found some who are very focused as far as GL or NGL I'd have to go with NGL. If I was to go GL I'd have to go with: There would usually be a tie between Kappas and Omegas but Kappas are winning right now for various reasons, aint that right boo. Anyway then I'd have to say PBS cause the unknown Sigma known as Mandingo "boy you are tooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy, ya heard" Has anyone else peeped him out?I've found that non-greek men have the typical stereotype of greek life in their heads and it takes a lot of talking and explaining to help them understand why you're greek. I dated a couple of frat guys that where incredibly immature.While dating someone who is greek might be a little easier because they can understand your commitments I have found that they tend to party more and will have less time because they also have commitments. They seemed to think that because they were in a fraternity they were now elevated to some sort of status meaning I should be honored to date them. Then, I met this adorable guy at a party and dated him for a week or two beforing finding out that he was "greek." Hmmm. That lasted from maybe an hour and his first letter asked me to be his girlfriend.------------------ "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt I am greek, and was dating a non-greek for several monthes before I pledged. He claims to be in awe of my attachment to greek life, and plans to transfer to my university and rush a fraternity in the fall. Specifially thinking of greek games, I got back by telling friends that he wasn't in town because he was busy wearing a dress. I still love the bond that is there between the brothers and really truly feel that I have over 70 brothers-in-law. Yes, there are some stumbling blocks that go along with dating as non greek and greek. If he really really loves you, you will come first in his heart. You need to let him spend time with friends and try to understand that this is something important to him.We dated for two and a half years after I pledged, too. I am now dating a greek guy from my university, and it is definitely different. I know a lot of the other women in my chapter agree that for those of us who are really involved, dating a guy who is really involved in his fraternity is nice, because although you don't share your letters or your ritual, etc. If you can appreciate the committment he's made, who knows, maybe you will find some new friends and even change your opinion of fraternities.It was awkward at first, but they both got over it.

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