Daticom webcam


Any motion detected on the selected area(s) can either trigger an email notification, an FTP notification, or an alarm notification through the Aztech IP Cam App.

Unlike other IP cameras, the WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera’s most sought out feature is its wireless capability – a feature which fully eliminates the usage of messy wiring setups commonly present in Ethernet cable reliant IP cameras.

Real time alarm notifications on the other hand are made through your preferred detection area are also made possible through the accessibility options provided above.Please Note: this app can only be used if you are an existing Datacom Sphere customer.For the app to work you will need a verification code, supplied by your companies Datacom Sphere administrator.By continuing on this website, we assume that you agree to our general terms and conditions regarding our use of cookies.Datacom Sphere allows you to transform paper-based forms into a fully electronic online process.With the WIPC410 Enhanced HD IP camera’s 802.11n wireless feature, connectivity options, whether you prefer to use wired or wireless setup, can be maximized for each room.

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