Dani venn dating

That’s like having six out of every ten guys in a bar offer to buy you a drink just because you walked in the door.

Another thing that stuck out to me was how many men treat this like a statistics problem.

Now, to be fair, I’m fairly by-the-numbers pretty — slim, long neck, big eyes, blah blah blah — so I don’t know how it is for girls who maybe have a more unusual look or a worse selection of profile pictures, but still.For your edification (and specifically for the friend in question: you know who you are), I present the results of my obsessive over-intellectualising.Second confession of the day: I joined Ok Cupid to play a prank on an ex.So I went online, signed up for Ok Cupid, created an account for an imaginary avatar, and set about to work some mischief.As far as the prank on the ex goes, it was resoundingly successful: he finished the experiment with egg on his face but no real harm done, which is pretty much how any good prank should go down.Here’s David’s breakdown by the numbers: If poor David could see my numbers, he’d probably cry.

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