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Please bookmark our main domain, you will be redirected to our current site from that domain.(We change domains every month) It will allow you always stay at our real site, we have many copycats/impostors pretending as original watchepisodes.The character closest to a continuing role was that of Pat Mc Cracken of the Universal Adjustment Bureau, who assigned Johnny many of his cases.Another atypical aspect gave the show additional credibility – frequently, characters on the show would mention that they had heard about Johnny’s cases on the radio.Johnny's cases were now a continuing serial, five days a week, for fifteen minutes each evening.With 75 minutes of airtime, minus commercials and openings and closings, there was sufficient time to develop good storylines and interesting characters.The serialized episodes continued until November 2, 1956 when the series again reverted to a once a week, thirty minute format.Bob Bailey continued in the lead, until "The Empty Threat Matter" of November 27, 1960, when the Hollywood run ended.

Johnstone wrote about 350 Johnny Dollar scripts under his own name and his pen names Sam Dawson and Jonathan Bundy.

Bob Bailey, generally thought of as the most popular of the Johnny Dollars, brought a new interpretation to the character – tough, but not hard-boiled; streetwise, but not overly cynical, Bailey's Dollar was smart and gritty when he had to be. His character would get emotionally involved in a number of his cases.

He had a streak of impatience, and would occasionally not fully listen to a witness and rush off on a tangent before realizing his mistake.

Thus the show was re-titled on this script and the main character was renamed.

Why this was done was unclear – possibly to prevent a legal run-in with Lloyd’s of London Insurance Company." Although based in Hartford, Connecticut, the insurance capital of the world, freelancer Johnny Dollar managed to get around quite a bit – his adventures taking him all over the world.

OTRR, Old Time Radio Researchers Group, Old Time Radio, OTRR Single Episodes, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Yours Truely, Johnny Dollar, Yours Truely Johnny Dollar, OTRR - 2006-11 For over twelve years, from 1949 through 1962 (including a one year hiatus in 1954-1955), this series recounted the cases "the man with the action-packed expense account, America’s fabulous freelance insurance investigator, Johnny Dollar".

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