Cyber chat without registering

Procedures for these do not exist at present with the Copyright Office.Generally, all copyrightable expression embodied in a computer program; including screen displays, can be protected.For works in machine-readable form only, identifying portions rather than complete works may be deposited.In the case of computer programs, it is helpful (or usual) to deposit the first and last few pages (say first 25 pages and the last 25 pages) of source code plus the page containing the Copyright notice, if included.However, keeping in mind the proclaimed object of the amendment, presumably the benefit of the Copyright Act will be available to both.

Unless authorised by the Copyright owner, a computer program licensee does not have the right to lend or otherwise transfer program copy.

However, unlike a computer program, which is a literary work, screen displays are artistic works and cannot therefore be registered in the same application as that covering the computer program.

A separate application giving graphic representations of all copyrightable elements of the screen display is necessary.

However, depositing the entire work has its own advantage and should be considered.

Documentation, which normally accompanies the program, is regarded as separate work and for this reason if the same has to be registered, it must be separately registered and not combined with the computer program in a single application.

As per the Copyright Act, the Registers of Copyrights shall be prima facie evidence of the particulars entered therein and documents purporting to be copies of any entries therein, or extracts there from certified by the Registrar of Copyrights and sealed with the seal of the Copyright Office shall be admissible in evidence in all courts without proof or production of the original.

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