Cupid dating not ok relationship test

If you and your date share a penchant for horror movies, you could be in for a scream — of a commited relationship, that is.

The founders of Ok Cupid sifted through more than 275,000 match questions and a whopping 776 million answers — they are Harvard mathematicians, after all — and After analyzing the profiles of nearly 35,000 successful couples who met on Ok Cupid, the researchers found that a third of lucky lovers agreed on all three questions.

" The answers to these questions help Ok Cupid determine which members might be a good match for one another.

Of note: Per Ok Cupid's own stats, liberal women in particular have luck on the site.

Examples include: "Would you date someone who keeps a gun in the house?

" or "Should the government require children be vaccinated for preventable diseases?

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If it still doesn't seem to be working, just give every profile you see a five-star rating.If you're curious whether your date is religious, ask them whether spelling and grammar mistakes annoy them.If they say no, they're probably somewhat religious — because tolerance correlates with a belief in God, the Ok Cupid wizards point out."I always liked Ok Cupid because they have a great critical mass and they have the thought-provoking questions that really allow you to think about how you feel about some of these issues, whether it’s politics or gun control, and how do you feel about your date’s answers.People spend a lot of time on site just perusing the questions that other people answer, and I like that.That's 3.7 times the rate of simple coincidence.

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