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But it was the government that used it to decide who could travel, or live in certain apartments.

Imagine if your social credit was too low to send your kids to a private school, or get a better job.

Already almost 10 million Chinese citizens have been blacklisted.

The Chinese government has ultimate control over their citizens' lives because almost everything requires the national ID card.

Even scarier is the fact that citizens will have the ability to rate other citizens.

This means you better not get on somebody's bad side.

Which is, essentially, an individual rating based on social media clout.

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They will reward those loyal to the State, and punish those who cause the state trouble or fail to contribute enough to the national cause.Monitoring online activity is a huge focus for China, which blocks certain social media websites, and has jailed government critics.Of course, this surveillance all started in the name of thwarting criminals and terrorists.Three years ago Facebook patented a system of credit rating that would consider the financial histories of people's friends.Opaque innovations known as e-scores are used by increasing numbers of companies to target their marketing, while such outfits as the already infamous Cambridge Analytica trawl people's online activities so as to precisely target political messaging.And the number assigned to citizens can simply be restricted for whatever the government wants to take away.

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