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This incident aroused huge social concern towards this emerging trend which is originated from Japan. This paper aims to review this problem by pointing out that negative family factors is an antecedents of enjo kosai girls in Hong Kong, as well as analyzing that these girls tend to be in the identity diffusion status.

Roles of social workers, dilemma they face and future invention strategies are also discussed.

Information of enjo kosai websites and other internet sources were extensively analyzed and six enjo kosai girls were being interviewed.

Causes, prevalence and impact of enjo kosai were discussed.

Maruta's analysis found there might be certain psychological connections between enjo kosai and the compensation for the lack of love, loneliness and past trauma experiences.The major difference between with prostitution is that, prostitution is generally performed in a brothel or by arrangement of a third party, while in enjo kosai, the fact is girls can choose men.If a girl does not like a man when she first sees him, she can leave him.With the addition of sex for pay, the meaning of this activity became unclear.Nowadays, enjo kosai has generally turned into teenage sex work.As they are not bounded by any contract, they can conduct enjo kosai only when they need extra money.

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