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Many of these authors are graphic in a way that would make an earlier generation cringe. Purity speaks to deeper concerns of the soul, offering a stronger incentive for chastity. Not so long ago a Christian book for young people would employ euphemisms and vagueness when describing sex. By introducing our website to someone close to you so that he may order free Christian books, you become a precious participant of serving God through spreading the Gospel of the water and the Spirit.Most of the following books are only available in electronic form (i.e., they are not available to be purchased in hard copy at this time), and may be freely downloaded and circulated with the one requirement that they must be distributed with the copyright information intact.The authors and publishers of books offering Christian perspectives on sex at least do something.They get little glamour and less money for their work, but seem passionately committed to the lives of children and adolescents. A survey of books aimed at children and their parents, published between 19, reveals a variety of trends: • . Most of these books emphasize the appeal of purity just as much or more than they speak of the dangers of premarital sex.

Christian Leadership University also hosts Spirit-anointed scholarly free books and articles.

Agreeing with him, I ask what his church is doing to help kids.

The conversation, which has been cruising at 60, suddenly lurches into low gear.

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It was time for the devotional, which included a gospel presentation—but it was a gospel presentation that made me want to stand up and scream. "You won't lose your friends or be unpopular at school. Your life will be the same, just better." Maybe his words would have slipped by me if they hadn't been such blatant reversals of Jesus' own warnings about the offensiveness of his message or the inevitable hardships of following him. Often ministries, especially youth ministries, are heavy on fun and light on faith.

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