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Referring to a club in New York City, he continued: “When you first got into the Comic Strip, that was a big break.”“No, it’s all equal,” Jordan said.“At that level, getting into the Comic Strip is doing Vegas,” Tony said.

“When you get to a higher level, something else will take its place.”Jordan was fascinated by comedy as a teenager.

Sometimes viewers can’t get enough — see the three handsome Hemsworths.

Sometimes the talent is all that matters — see Kate and Rooney Mara. Without looking, name all the Baldwin brothers besides Alec.

The joke cannot be published here.“That was just a common conversation we would have in the house,” Tony said, speaking with a feverish excitement that brought Chris to mind, during one of several recent conversations.

“And it turned into this gigantic bit.”Tony is an established stand-up comic in his own right.

“I murdered Virginia Beach,” Jordan said, “and then Tony took me on the road after that.”Years ago, Tony promised his mother that he would always look out for Jordan, the youngest in a sprawling family.“Tony has always just had a soft spot for Jordan,” Ms. “When I was growing up with Chris, I was the little brother that was kind of annoying,” Tony said. He just turned 34 and is the sixth of the eight siblings. One place that Tony and Chris crossed paths: “Everybody Hates Chris,” a sitcom that Chris cocreated.

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The Rock name was both a gift and a burden, but neither felt compelled to lean on Chris or resent his success.When entertainment is a family business, there is often a grueling process to establish your own identity, and in doing so, to escape the shadow of the most famous sibling.Sometimes the skin is shed — see Solange, a creative force and Beyoncé’s sister. As Jordan wound through 20 minutes of jokes about online dating, smoking marijuana and Uber drivers, Tony alternated between rubbing his chin thoughtfully and chuckling warmly. Tony, with expressive eyes that widened whenever he seemed enthusiastic, watched Jordan’s set the way some parents watch their child perform at a dance competition or Little League.” Tony said of his brother after taking the microphone. Jordan, 26, and Tony, 42, have followed in the footsteps of their older brother Chris, 52, the second-born of eight siblings.

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