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The assets is like you have 100 gigabytes of storage. You have a community and you have also the market space.

That was given by Adobe to every user, so if you are in a creative cloud team membership, every user in your team has this 100 gigabytes. Something you don't know, maybe, is that market space is free images you can download.

Hello my name is Marieke from Adobe and I am an Adobe certified expert. I would love to tell you a little bit more about work flow that Adobe has created since the last version of Adobe CC. I will show you something that is including into your software at this moment but not everybody knows about it. Well, everybody knows over here the application manager of Adobe creative cloud, where you can download your apps, which are many apps at this moment.

That's known already, but maybe you didn't find already the assets.

Cause I am the owner I can remove people, so this is from one of the projects I've done. Well at some point, maybe you'll have freelancers and you don't want to have them access to your server, because there's many a material at your server level. Another thing is that these files are also shown on mobile devices, so if you have like people ... And I like this community thing, like I can view whatever comment has been put on it.

account managers or any level you can show the results of the In Design, Photoshop, or Illustrator just the native files on a mobile device and that's new. If I want to add activity, maybe my account manager is at the customer's side, he looks at the file and he says no I don't like the color.

The internet is really bad over here so I'll try again.

Maybe it goes a little bit faster now, yep, there we are.

So this is the part you collaborate with people who have the software, they open, they adjust things, they save and so on.

It loads a little bit slowly, so I had already one tab open, and there you see that I have like creative clouds, Argos for my file name and then my tree file structure that I have made into my finders.

So, if you see that this flow is exactly the same, I'll close this one, they have creative clouds, then Argos, and then you see my ...

Even on Microsoft actually, but we're an Apple reseller so we don't show those things, but it works on any system, that's what I want to say. First, 100 gigabytes if you have project it's not a lot. Maybe in a video so it grows a lot and it's like 100 gigabytes, right, like nothing, but it's kind of a workflow.

You see here a plus so I can actually collaborate with my team members if I the copy and another one has the images I can work together with my colleagues.

I don't like the color, don't like the color. You can see that I have already revised it a little bit, I've worked on it, and I changed stuff.

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