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For the truly good men, realize that I’m using the royal “you” in this context for effect.If you too are sick of the way women are treated like pretty things to be possessed, please keep reading, because these comments contain lessons all men must learn. When I was 19, I had consensual sex w/ a guy a little older than me, and it was great. To which I was flipped over, held down by the back of my neck and told “You have to learn to listen”.A friend/coworker had the same guy approach her and when she called the police, the dispatcher just laughed.– Stevie They have been treated like possessions by strangers as well as by men they know so many times that their lives can’t help be affected by it.

“No” is a complete sentence, not the beginning of a negotiation process.Dude followed me to my car and pushed up against me trying to get me to kiss him.When I said no and tried to get away he said “fuck I bought you a beer.” – Amber “I tried to fight him but I couldn’t land a blow from being so drunk.– Kristine Be an ally to women, not just another adversary.They get enough crap from police and security guards and church leaders and parents and significant others who think they were asking for the abuse. Put the blame where it belongs: on the perpetrators.I would ask that you endeavor to read as much as you can to gain better understanding into this rampant problem.

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