Chi lounge speed dating Adult x chatting

£56 members, £59.50 non-members (saving up to £15.15 with us! WE ONLY HAVE TICKETS RESERVED FOR A SHORT TIME, SO PLEASE BOOK EARLY.

In fact, Pros in the City is currently advertising an exclusive speed-dating event for people in this age group.The comfortable couches and chairs are grouped together so informally you often become a part of someone else's conversation. It gets very loud so as it got later in the evening I found myself having to yell in order to have a conversation with people.1st of all its a 25 per person minimumsecondly we order food my one of my friends food came and me and my other friends food didn't come until after we asked was to go most an hour so finally after we got our food an eight and started to relax and enjoy the ride we were bombarded by then doorman keep coming to see if you were ready to leave I mean isn't that the point of charge in a minimum so that you get your money's worth while people Lounge around..a nutshell food wasn't great and it was overpriced wouldn't return This is a nice place. Good Hookah's and nice music, but the service Sucks!No longer do you have to feel embarrassed or ashamed at things you cannot control.Other places displaying the "Dating Online Washington DC" headline cannot make the same claim.The goal of this event would be to encourage speed dating.

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