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In 1964, a month long series of almost nightly protests brought chaos to Chester as protestors argued that the Chester School Board had de facto segregation of schools.The demonstrations were marked by violence and charges of police brutality.He lost control of the company after his shipbuilding enterprise entered receivership in 1885.World War I brought Chester its first massive growth.In 1871, the Delaware River Iron Ship Building and Engine Works was opened by John Roach through the purchase of the Reaney, Son & Archbold shipyard. Roach built other businesses to supply materials for his shipbuilding including the Chester Rolling Mill in 1873 to supply metal hull plates and beams, the Chester Pipe and Tube Company in 1877 for the manufacture of iron pipes and boiler tubes, and the Standard Steel Casting Company in 1883 to supply steel ingots.Roach built the Combination Steel and Iron Company in 1880 to supply steel rails and other products for businesses beyond the Roach shipyard.

However, Colonel Miles lead the troops to New York City in July 1776 when it became clear that the British Fleet was threatening New York rather than Philaldelphia.People migrated to Chester for jobs, 63% of which were in manufacturing. was opened in 1917 to build ships for the United States until its closure in 1990.During World War II, the Sun shipyard became the largest single shipyard in the world.In 1978, an intense fire broke out at Wade Dump, a rubber recycling facility and illegal industrial chemical dumping site.The burning chemicals caused multi-colored smoke and noxious fumes which injured 43 firemen and caused long-term health problems for the first responders to the fire.In 1981, the location was declared a Superfund cleanup site and remediation occurred throughout the 1980s.

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