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Let me guess - you said something that got you banned.Do they realize their job is to run the page for some Romanian skank and that they're not running the freakin United Nations? I understand that the "mods" are there to help out and keep things moving. However, they silence anyone who says anything against their precious little chatubator "model."The worst "mod" is that 58-year old, Australian frau named "anniegirl" who seems to be the moderator for every American gay guy on Chatubate who just after he sucks someone's dick insists he's really "bi." And if anyone voices disagreement or skepticism, anniegirl will silence or ban you from the room. Chaturbate moderators do not understand the concept of free speech.The ones who insist on asking questions - "have you ever kissed a guy", "have you ever jerked off with a friend", "have you ever …", while the guy is clearly trying to cum, like he needs to stop RIGHT THEN and answer your question.The ones who want to direct - "moan", "can you lift up one leg", "put your arm behind your head", "show me your pitts" - AGAIN, while the guy is trying to cum. Never mind that there are guys typing notes to the naked guy jerking off, but the guy is often responding to those guys - and then some asswipe comes on and types "do you mind if a guy watches? Guess what, it doesn't matter if he does a private with you, you really don't have a personal relationship with the guy. I bet you that moderator is "anniegirl." She seems to believe that all these guys who are sucking each others' dicks are bi. And if you say that they're gay, she jumps all over you and threatens to thrown you out of the room. I hate that Chaturbate censors the messages that are removed. I usually don't go into the token rooms much, anyway. I rarely ban anyone from my room, but the other night I had about 20 people viewing me and a few of them were bugging me so I booted the lot.But luckily only token whores have moderators and I'm more turned on by guys who do stuff on cam because that's their fetish and not by guys who want a tip for a bloody smile. Currently #1 male performer has a 55 year old female moderator who claimed about half an hour ago: "ALL HOMOSEXUAL QUESTIONS WILL GET YOU BANNED".

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