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Back when I was a kid in the business (call me 30 or so) I remember one of my mentors saying And that was before the 24/7 connectivity we have now. Our chosen profession does require an incredible amount of energy and passion but that’s not about being young.

It’s about recognizing that it’s an endurance sport and we have to train and plan for that. I walked you through our process-framed case studies. “And Sue, you know you can split this project into two portions. And the money-back guarantee is a great way to back that confidence with action.

This happens all the time and can cause confusion and bad experiences.

Many clients that I meet may have had their fingers burnt or are reeling from some horrendous experiences where they thought they had signed up for a service with a reputable ‘Digital Agency’ only to find that the team at the agency were not all that they seemed or worse still, were learning some new skills whilst on the client’s payroll.

Furthermore, many will display badges of honour – winner of this or commended for that. So, I have written this guide to try and help people when looking for an agency to help them grow and develop online. I have worked in the digital marketing space from its initial inception and launched one of the first paid search (PPC) agencies, as well as a tracking and attribution software business used by digital agencies in the UK called DC Storm. The term Digital Agency may also cover a whole host of other specialisms that sit under each sub service.

I have also highlighted some key questions to ask as well as some key questions that need to be asked by your potential agency. The challenge There is a major problem in the digital marketing space that is sadly being perpetuated by a number of agencies who were one day a PR Agency and today dress themselves up as a ‘Social Media Agency’.

In many cases where I have come across a client who is in a toxic situation with an agency, I have often been asked to mediate or help transition the relationship to its natural conclusion.

On reflection with both the client and the agency, it is normally the questions and due diligence that has led to both parties starting off on the wrong foot.

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It’s not about taking a vacation or a long weekend or just not checking email for 24 hours — it’s about survival.

The importance of digital agencies So, knowing what we know, it is also vitally important to point out the incredible value great agencies add to their clients.

It is rare to find companies that have the digital marketing prowess, collective skills and manpower that a truly good agency will have. A good digital agency will take the time and effort to get under the skin of your business. Web Design, these services could include: Design & Development User Experience (UX) Innovation Languages PHP Python Net CMS Word Press Site Core Etc.

Since those conversations will undoubtedly continue, in the meantime I hope this helps. She had called to share she was leading a new firm and they were growing like mad. The conversation we had two weeks ago had gone well. “Well, I wanted to talk to you about that,” her tone sombre. No, worse than that, I was frightened at the thought of actually having to write out a check. But I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m here to tell you that they’re a lot less scary than they sound. They need to understand that you represent a safe choice. And that’s exactly what a money back guarantee provides.

I walked her through our process-framed case studies and gave her a proposal for the work with options. I’ve made this offer three or four dozen times, and I’ve closed a fair share of those and no one has yet to ask for their money back. You’re offering to take their financial risk down to almost zero.

Though shocking, this is not uncommon and quite frankly unacceptable. Experience and verification by both independent bodies and platform owners like Google are helping customers find the cream.

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